This course is for you if you are all too familiar with the pain of heartbreak, whether that be currently or in the past, and you want to learn how to fully love yourself and heal.

Hi, I’m Talia!

I am not much different from you. I love ice cream and eating raw cookie dough, I hate wearing pants that actually have a button, and I also just went through a heartbreak that I thought would break me.

But the thing is, I DIDN'T ALLOW it to and I am here today to be your hype girl and not allow this heartbreak to be the end of you either, friend.

If I could give you a big hug right now and tell you how strong you will be once you heal from this, I would. But I'm not there, so together we are going to unpack the baggage that is holding you back and help you take off to your future self!

Grab your bags and lets do this!

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